About Bangor Gas

About Energy West:

Energy West is a gas utility and energy supplier serving approximately 36,000 customers in Montana, Wyoming, North Carolina and Maine. The company has a balanced focus on customer service, process improvement and employee development.

About Bangor Gas:

Formed in August 1997, Bangor Gas is a Maine Limited Liability Company dedicated to providing safe, reliable natural gas service to residential, commercial and municipal customers in the Greater Bangor area.

While yet a young company, Bangor Gas draws directly on the stability and expertise of Energy West. Energy West, is an energy company serving utility customers in Montana, Wyoming, North Carolina and Maine.

In 1998, soon after receiving approval from the Maine Public Utilities Commission to serve the public as a natural gas distributor, Bangor Gas launched construction of the piping system that connects its Bangor area customers to the U.S. portion of the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline. Three communities within our service area ­ Veazie, Orono and Old Town began receiving natural gas in December of 2000. The other two communities in phase-one construction, Bangor and Brewer, began receiving natural gas in October of 2001. The Maritime and Northeast Pipeline network supplies more than 530 billion British thermal units (Btu) of energy per day.

At Bangor Gas, we are proud to join the more than 1,200 distribution companies currently bringing the benefits of safe, reliable, price-stable natural gas to some 175 million Americans in all 50 states.