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Your local team at Bangor Gas Company is continuing to support the community through the Covid 19 crisis. We wanted to let you know that we have instituted additional protocols in our workday to honor the request of the State of Maine for social distancing. And because Bangor Natural Gas Company is a critical infrastructure provider, we are still open for business, we will continue to provide safe reliable service, and more importantly; we will continue to stand with you through these difficult times. So, if you have a natural gas related emergency or a question about service, please continue to call us as normal at 941-9595 and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you and take care.

Dedicated To Providing Safe, Reliable Natural Gas Service To The Greater Bangor Area

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About Bangor Natural Gas Company

Bangor Natural Gas Company is a regulated public utility providing efficient, reliable, low cost natural gas to the Greater Bangor area. In 1998, soon after receiving approval from the Maine Public Utilities Commission to serve the public as a natural gas distributor, Bangor Natural Gas launched construction of the piping system that connects its Bangor area customers to the U.S. portion of the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline. At Bangor Natural Gas, we are proud to join the more than 1,200 distribution companies currently bringing the benefits of safe, reliable, low cost natural gas to some 175 million Americans in all 50 states.

About Natural Gas

Bangor Natural Gas is changing the way Maine homes are powered. Learn why 1,000+ people per year are switching to Bangor Natural Gas.

Save With Natural Gas

Not only is natural gas cheaper than propane or oil alternatives, efficient, clean-burning natural gas means you’ll save money on maintenance, too.

Safe For The Environment

Natural gas is an extremely important source of energy for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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