Brewer Automotive Components

BANGOR, ME, Nov. 19, 2001 - Bangor Gas begins natural gas service to first commercial customer in Brewer, Brewer Automotive Components, manufacturers of automotive steering and suspension components. Brewer Automotive's concern for the environment was the deciding factor in switching to natural gas for heating of its offices and manufacturing facility. Bangor Gas estimates that Brewer Automotive will save $7,000 annually on its energy bills by switching from propane to natural gas. Brewer Automotive Components is a joint venture between Somic Ishikawa in Japan and Lemforder Fahrwerktechnik in Germany. Among its customers are Toyota, TRW, Isuzu, Subaru, American Showa and Koyo Steering Systems of U.S.A.

WHEN: Monday, Nov. 19, 2001 10:00am

WHERE: Brewer Automotive Components 6 Baker Blvd. Brewer

WHY: Bangor Gas recently completed the installation of 225,000 feet of pipeline in the cities of Bangor and Brewer. This is in addition to the 187,000 feet of pipeline currently operating in Veazie, Orono and Old Town. Natural gas prices have dropped from the unusually high levels of last year back to more normal historical levels due to abundant supplies and increased storage levels. Switching to natural gas can provide significant energy cost savings to customers. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, is safe, efficient and convenient.

WHO: Takahisa Ishikawa, president, Brewer Automotive Components; Jerry Bernier, controller, Brewer Automotive Components; Mark Weisser, facilities engineer, Brewer Automotive Components; Joe Cote, manager, Bangor Gas Co.

Contact: Jon Kunz Bangor Gas (207) 941-9595