Budget Payment Plan

Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan (BPP) option is available to eligible customers to help avoid and budget against high energy bills in the winter months by spreading those costs throughout the year. It is the intent of this Plan to make a customer’s monthly payments as level as practical, subject to reconciliation at the end of the twelve month budget period when monthly bills will be compared to actual amounts due, and a charge or credit will be applied to the customer representing the “customer’s balance amount”. However, during this twelve month budget period it may be determined by the Company to be necessary to change (increase or decrease) the amount billed monthly to the customer on the Plan in an effort to avoid the buildup of a large positive or negative amount in the customer’s balance amount, that would otherwise be required to be paid or reimbursed at the end of the billing year.

The BPP normally commences with the October bill and ends with the following September bill, and is subject to the following conditions:

A. Eligible Customers:

1. Eligible customers include:

a. Residential meter that is individually metered and has a minimum of twelve (12) months of gas usage history;
b. Residential master-meter, excluding sub-metering facilities, that use less than 5,000 therms per year and has a minimum of twelve (12) months of gas usage history;
c. Commercial and full requirements customers that use less than 5,000 therms per year, and have a minimum of twelve (12) months of gas usage history; and
d. Other residential and commercial meters where sufficient information is available to allow the Company to reasonably estimate annual gas usage.

2. Eligibility requirements include:

a. Customer has no outstanding arrears on their account at the time their plan starts, or agrees to amortize the arrears amount.
b. In the event that a customer has been involuntarily removed from BPP for non-payment, customer has made payment of all past due amounts.

3. Participation is subject to approval by the Company.

4. Eligible customers may join in any month.


A. For customers participating in this Payment Plan:

1. Subject to adjustment to monthly amounts (as further described below), anticipated bills for the budget period will be equally apportioned among the lesser of twelve (12) months, or the remaining months of the budget period to the settlement month, regardless of the actual consumption during the month;
2. The following September, will be the settlement month, at which time bills for actual use will be balanced against the amounts billed and,
3. Any over- or under- billings will be calculated in the settlement month and resolved through adjustments to the revised BPP monthly amount for the upcoming period beginning with the October bill, unless the customer elects to withdraw from the Plan (as further described below).

B. Late payment charges will apply to unpaid balances of the BPP monthly amount.

Adjustments to the BPP Monthly Amounts

A. The Company will monitor the difference between actual usage and the BPP monthly amounts and may adjust the BPP monthly amounts upward or downward beginning with the April bill if necessary to help avoid large positive or negative balances in the settlement month.

B. In unusual circumstances positive or negative adjustments to the BPP monthly amounts may be made at any time as necessary to help avoid large positive or negative balances in the settlement month.

Withdrawing from the Plan

A. Participating customer may voluntarily withdraw from the Plan at any time. Any over- or underpayment balance will be credited or charged respectively at the time of customer withdrawal.