How to get Natural Gas

A network of underground piping connects Bangor Gas customers to the U.S. portion of the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline. The network transports more than 530 billion British Thermal Units (BTU) of energy per day from the Sable Island gas fields off Nova Scotia.

 In many cases, we lay pipes by the cut-and-bore method, in which we dig an access hole on the side of the street, drill an underground passageway, and insert the piping, all without disrupting the surface. For streets where a larger pipe is necessary or subsurface conditions dictate, we dig a narrow trench, lay pipes, backfill the trench, compact the soil, and restore the surface.

With state-of-the-art construction, we can complete the piping in front of your home in a matter of hours; in some cases, it may take as much as a day. Modern techniques often mean little or no disruption to your driveway whatsoever.