Interruptible Service

Interruptible Service

Available to commercial and industrial customers, subject to an adequate supply of natural gas and delivery capability at the location of the Customers’ facilities, who have an operational standby system with sufficient alternative fuel capability to replace gas service for a reasonable period of interruption.  Company shall, at its sole discretion, interrupt service upon two-hour notice to the Customer. All gas and transportation services purchased under this rate schedule shall be separately measured from any gas purchased under any other rate schedule. Separate meters, separate accounts, and separate locations may not be combined for billing under this Rate Schedule.

Rates for this service shall be individually negotiated with the Company by each Customer. Rates offered under this Rate Schedule shall recognize the value derived by Company of Customer’s ability and willingness to interrupt service when called upon by the Company. The applicable Customer Charge, Transportation Charge, Energy Charge, and Past Gas Cost Adjustment currently in effect for Customer’s otherwise applicable Rate Schedule are set forth in the Rate Summary Schedule of this tariff. In addition, the rates do not include Maine state sales tax, which will be an additional charge when applicable.

The minimum monthly bill for gas service will be the amount of the Customer Charge listed in the Rate Summary Schedule of the Customer’s otherwise applicable rate class.

Customers will be required to pay for the cost of installing the necessary electronic metering device needed to take service under this rate schedule.

The Customer must be capable of being 100% curtailed on two hours notice. In case of non-compliance, Company shall have the right to shut off service when necessary, in Company’s sole opinion, to protect service to customers taking firm service.

In the event a Customer fails to discontinue the use of gas after two hours notice that service under this schedule is curtailed, Customer shall pay a rate of $2.50 per therm for all gas so used, in addition to the regular commodity charge for such gas.

Customer shall be liable for any penalties incurred by the Company resulting from any imbalances created from Customer’s failure to take scheduled quantities of gas or Customer’s delivery of gas exceeding scheduled quantities.

The Company reserves the right to conduct an on-site inspection of such facilities at any time to determine whether the facilities are properly installed, maintained, functioning and capable of serving the Customer’s energy requirement as specified in the Customer’s contract.

Contract for service shall be for a period of one (1) year.

Service provided under this rate schedule is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Company as filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.