Large C&I Transportation Service

Large C&I Transportation Service

Service hereunder is available for firm transportation of natural gas by the Company to any single location for large commercial and industrial customers (non-residential customers with average natural gas use exceeding 50,000 therms annually). Such gas usage must be for the Customer's exclusive use and not for resale. Customer receiving service under this rate schedule must have executed a transportation service contract with the Company and must have annual usage that complies with the annual minimum throughput specified for this rate class.

The applicable Customer Charge and Transportation Charge currently in effect for this rate schedule are set forth in the Rate Summary Schedule of this tariff. The rates do not include Maine state sales tax, which will be an additional charge when applicable.

The minimum monthly bill for gas service will be the amount of the Customer Charge listed in the Rate Summary Schedule.

Customers will be required to pay for the cost of installing the necessary electronic metering device needed to take service under this rate schedule.

The Company's General Terms and Conditions and its Transportation Terms and Conditions, where not inconsistent with any specific provisions hereof, and the executed Firm Transportation Agreement between the Customer and the Company are made a part of this Rate Schedule.