Maintenance and Repair Service Policy

Maintenance and Repair Service Policy

The Company will provide maintenance and repair service on a charge basis except for the following:

1. For Investigating any call indicating the following conditions, even though the investigation may show no such condition or may show that the condition is not associated with gas or gas equipment: (a) gas leak; (b) gas odor; (c) fire; (d) high, low or loss of pressure; (e) improper combustion; (f) abnormal appliance operation that could be hazardous, such as heating or water heating equipment that will not shut off; and (g) any call indicating a potential hazard.

2. For Investigating and Making Necessary Repairs where investigation shows that gas quality or delivery through Company owned facilities is at fault; or where there is a leak involving Company owned facilities. Company owned facilities are the mains, services, regulators, meters and associated pipeline up to and including the meters.

3. Investigating and Making Safe any potentially hazardous condition associated with Customer owned Facilities. Customer owned Facilities are piping from the meter outlet and equipment connected to this piping.

Making Safe means to temporarily or permanently correct a situation with a minor repair or, where a minor repair is insufficient to correct the condition, to shut off the gas to the equipment. If the Customer feels that it is necessary to have the equipment involved made operable and it requires parts or more than a minor amount of labor, the Customer will be charged. Customer will be charged for all materials and for any labor in excess of that required to make a minor repair.

The Company s intent is to provide sufficient labor, at no charge, to Make Safe, but to charge Customer for repair work requested by Customer requiring material or labor beyond minor repair that does not involve potentially hazardous conditions.

4. For Service Calls where the Company s records show that the equipment involved has been serviced by a Company representative within the prior 30 days for the same condition and the required service is not due to independent damage or attempted repair by the Customer or a third party.

5. Investigation of high bill complaints.