Natural Gas Q&A

What is natural gas, and where does it come from?

Is natural gas safe?

As a homeowner, what should I consider before converting to natural gas?

How do people in the greater Bangor area receive natural gas?

How will the pipeline be laid in my neighborhood? Do you have to dig up the entire street?

Is there any danger of gas leakage during installation?

How long will it take to lay pipe in front of my house? Can I still get in my driveway?

What equipment is needed to convert to natural gas?

Where can I purchase natural gas appliances, parts, and service?

How much service or maintenance will my new natural gas system require?

What about cost?

What affects the cost of natural gas?

How does natural gas move into the home?

Should I call someone before a contractor or I dig, drill or blast around my property?

How do I read my own meter?

What can I do to conserve energy and save money?

What happens if I move?

Where can I mail a payment?

How often will I receive a bill?

What if my gas bill seems higher than normal?

What are the properties of natural gas?

How can I detect a gas leak?

What should I do if I smell gas inside a building?

What should I do if I smell gas outside a building?

How is the price of natural gas determined?

What is the "spot market price"?

What is the "energy charge" on my gas bill?

Why does the spot market price for natural gas fluctuate so much?

When spot market prices go down do consumer rates go down?

How does Bangor Gas Company set the energy charge?

What is the Past Gas Cost Adjustment (PGCA) and how does it work?

Does Bangor Gas Company make any money when the price of natural gas goes up?

How does Bangor Gas Company recover its cost of operations if it is not on the sale of natural gas commodity?

What is the difference between the spot market price and the energy "commodity" charge?

How can I learn more about natural gas?

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