1. General
The Company shall furnish service under its rate schedules and these Terms and Conditions, as approved from time to time by the Maine Public Utilities Commission ("MPUC"), except when service is provided by a separate written contract. Copies of currently effective Terms and Conditions are available at the offices of the Company.  These documents may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed from time to time in accordance with the Laws of Maine, and such changes, when effective, shall be subject to the MPUC Rules and Regulations as effectively as though originally incorporated therein.  Subject to MPUC Rules and Regulations, all contracts made by the Company shall be binding upon, and oblige, and inure to the benefit of, the successors and assigns, heirs, executors, and administrators, of the parties thereto.  The Company may from time to time offer promotional allowances for the purpose of encouraging the selection, use or increased usage of the Company's service.

2. Service Territory
Subject to the requirements contained herein, the Company will provide natural gas service to the following municipalities in Maine: Bangor, Bradley, Brewer, Bucksport, Eddington, Hampden, Hermon, Lincoln, Milford, Old Town, Orono, Orrington, and Veazie.