Residential Service

Residential Service

Available to all Individually and master metered residential customers that consist of living quarters, human needs space heat, hot water, and general cooking. The residential rate includes service to an apartment(whether privately owned or publicly subsidized), condominium building, duplex, court group, housing project, trailer park, mobile home park, or any group of single family dwellings on a single premises and excludes institutional living quarters.

The applicable Customer Charge, Transportation Charge, Energy Charge and Past Gas Cost Adjustment currently in effect for this rate schedule are set forth in the Rate Summary Schedule of this tariff. The rates listed in the Rate Summary Schedule are subject to adjustment by any Cost of Gas Adjustment in effect. In addition, the rates do not include Maine state sales tax, which will be an additional charge when applicable.

The minimum monthly bill for gas service will be the amount of the Customer Charge listed in the Rate Summary Schedule.

Contract for service shall be for a period of one (1) year.

Service provided under this rate schedule is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Company as filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.