Residents in Bangor & Brewer

BANGOR, ME, Nov. 13, 2001 - Bangor Gas Co. today announced that with the completion of the first phase of its distribution backbone system, natural gas service is now available to a limited number of residents and commercial businesses in the cities of Bangor and Brewer.

Initially, Bangor Gas is targeting residents and businesses where gas is available along the main route in Bangor, including Hammond Street, Bangor's Eastside and the Bangor Mall area along Stillwater Avenue. Also targeted is Brewer's North End, along North Main Street, South Main Street and in the East and West Industrial Parks area.

Bangor Gas recently completed the installation of 225,000 feet of pipeline in Bangor and Brewer as the company continues to build out its distribution system. This is in addition to the 187,000 feet of pipeline currently operating in Veazie, Orono and Old Town. Bangor Gas began serving its first residential, commercial and industrial customers in December 2000.

"Traditionally, area residents and businesses have had limited choice when it comes to addressing their energy needs," said Joe Cote, general manager at Bangor Gas Co. "The introduction of natural gas provides them with a viable energy choice that is clean-burning, safe, reliable and cost-competitive."

"As customers continue to sign up for natural gas service, we will continue to develop our distribution system giving priority to areas with larger loads and customers located where gas lines are currently installed."

Natural gas prices have dropped from the unusually high levels of last year back to more normal historical levels due to abundant supplies and increased storage levels. Switching to natural gas can provide significant budget savings to customers in several ways. For example, based on current prices a typical residential customer using 150 gallons of heating oil in a winter month would save $50 per month by using an equivalent amount of natural gas.

In addition to fuel cost savings, using natural gas provides substantial long-term benefits, such as oil tank replacement savings, reduced annual maintenance and service costs and, most importantly, energy-efficiency savings. These benefits provide additional monthly savings of $30 to $35.

Altogether, switching from heating oil to natural gas could provide the typical residential customer savings of $400 to $500 per year.

Introduced in the United States in 1821, natural gas now accounts for about 25 percent of all energy used nationwide. According to the American Gas Association, natural gas ranks first with more than a 53-percent share of the U.S. home-heating market; meets diverse energy needs, from heating to cooking to clothes drying; and plays an increasing role in the nation's energy future.

"Natural gas is produced right here on our continent, so its supply is not tied to overseas relations," said Cote. "That, coupled with the fact that natural gas is delivered directly to your home or business through underground pipelines, demonstrates what a reliable resource it is."

To sign up for natural gas service, residents and businesses may contact Bangor Gas online at, or call (207) 941-9595.

Bangor Gas Co. is part of Sempra Energy Global Enterprises, the umbrella for Sempra EnergyÕs growth businesses. Based in San Diego, Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), is a Fortune 500 energy services company.