Safety and Inspection

Safety and Inspection

A. Company Equipment
Safety requirements and procedures for the Company s system are in accordance with Chapter 420 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.

B. Customer Equipment
All Customers’ piping and equipment beyond Company’s meter and accessories thereto, necessary to utilize service furnished by the Company, shall be installed and maintained by a plumber or gas pipefitter in accordance with the National Fuel Gas Code and be owned and maintained by the Customer at his expense.

The Customer shall bring his piping to a point for connection to the Company’s meter or meters at a location satisfactory to the Company. The Company is not required to install servicesupply lines prior to the time that the piping of the premises is actually in progress, and the structure sufficiently completed to provide a safe and suitable terminus for the service-supply lines. Prior to meter installation, each applicant or Customer must provide Company with a written safety check form completed by a licensed service technician.

C. Access to Premises
The Company reserves the right to inspect and approve the Customer's installation of all pipe and equipment to utilize the Company's gas, but such inspection or failure to make inspection, or the fact that the Company may connect to such installation, shall not make the Company liable for any loss, injury or damage which may be occasioned by the use or such installation or equipment used there from. The Company will refuse to provide gas service to any installation it considers to be unsafe.

The Company shall have the right to enter the premises of the Customer at all reasonable hours for the purpose of making such inspection of the Customer's installation as may be necessary for the proper application of the Company's rate schedules and terms and conditions; for installing, removing, testing or replacing its apparatus or property; for reading meters; and for the entire removal of the Company's property in event of termination of service to the Customer for any reason.