Service Connections

Service Connections

The Company reserves the right to designate the locations and specifications for all its piping, meters, fixtures, and fittings and to determine the amount of space, which must be left unobstructed for the installation and maintenance thereof. Applicant may request an alteration of such designation but, if consented to by the Company, the excess cost of such revised designation over and above the cost of the original Company design shall be borne by Applicant. In the event modifications to Customer’s premises are performed that may prevent access to Company facilities or create an unsafe condition, Company will correct such condition at Customer’s expense.

Whenever the Company installs facilities including service lines, service connections or appurtenant facilities, at the request of an Applicant who does not take service within 60 days from the installation of such facilities, Applicant shall bear the entire reasonable expense of providing, placing and constructing such facilities. Upon gas delivery Applicant or Customer will be entitled to a refund for such part of the facilities expense as the Company is herein before willing to assume.

The Customer shall make or procure satisfactory conveyance to the Company of all necessary easements and rights-of-way, including right or convenient access to the Company's property for furnishing adequate, safe and continuous service or for the removal of the Company's property upon termination of service.

The Company shall not be required to install service(s) where the business to be secured will not be taking service from the Company for a reasonable duration.

Ordinarily and at the utility’s sole discretion, no new service pipes or main extensions are installed during winter conditions (when frost is in the ground) unless the Customer defrays the extra expenses and provided any required excavation is not prohibited by the local government having jurisdiction.