Should I call someone before a contractor or I dig, drill or blast around my property?

Yes, it’s the Law!** An important part of the safety program for most underground utilities is the operation of a “call-before-you-dig” or a utility-locator service for excavators. In Maine that service is known as Dig Safe. Dig Safe is a free service, funded entirely by Dig Safe's member utility companies, including Bangor Gas. Prior to digging, excavators can call one telephone number to arrange for marking or other identification of underground facilities, including gas, water, telephone, electric and cable television lines. To avoid costly damage, promote public safety and save time and money CALL DIG SAFE.


Dig Safe Systems, Inc.
1-888-DIG SAFE 1-888- (344-7233)
FAX 1-781-721-0047

**To download a complete copy of Dig Safe state laws and rules, please go to – “Laws & Enforcement”.