Sunbury Village

Bangor Gas begins natural gas service to first commercial customer, Sunbury Village. Residents of the 112-suite retirement complex, which opened this past May, will use natural gas for heating, cooking and to fuel fireplaces. Previously, propane was providing the energy source until natural gas service became available.

Bangor Gas recently completed the installation of 225,000 feet of pipeline in the cities of Bangor and Brewer. This is in addition to the 187,000 feet of pipeline currently operating in Veazie, Orono and Old Town.

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2001 10:00am

WHERE: Sunbury Village 922 Ohio Street Bangor

WHY: Bangor Gas projects that monthly winter gas bills for single-family residents to be less than $135, based on an estimated 203 therms of natural gas (or the equivalent of 150 gallons of No. 2 heating oil). Natural gas is a clean-burning, safe, efficient and competitive-priced fuel, and is used for heating in 53% of the homes across the U.S.

WHO: Brad & Dee Goodwin, managers, Sunbury Village; Joe Cote, general manager, Bangor Gas Co.; Jonathan Kunz, manager of marketing & sales, Bangor Gas Co.