1. Definitions

Account: Any person or entity taking service at a single location.
Account Balance: The total amount owed by a Customer that has been properly billed by the Company in accordance with Chapter 810 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.
Actual Reading: Is a meter reading obtained by a Company employee or its agent from either the meter or a remote registration device attached thereto.
Amount Overdue: An amount that the Company has properly billed to a Customer that has not been paid in full by the due date of the bill as provided in Chapter 810 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations. The due date shall not be less than 30 days after the bill is mailed or hand delivered to the Customer.
Applicant: Any person who applies for gas service and who is not currently a Customer of the Company.
Balancing Account: An account in which expenses are compared with actual revenues derived from rates designed to recover those expenses. Any resulting over- or under collection, plus interest, is owed from or due to ratepayers, respectively. Account balances are amortized in future rates, as approved by the Commission.
Base Level of Usage: Shall mean a normal level of usage based upon the previous three (3) years of usage or, absent such history, a reasonable estimate by the Company.
Bill: A written statement from the Company to a Customer that states the amount owed by the Customer for the current billing period, the amount overdue, the account balance, late fees, and any other charges lawfully owed by the Customer.
British Thermal Unit (BTU): One British Thermal unit is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Business Day: Is any Monday through Friday when the Company business offices are open.
Ccf: One hundred cubic feet of gas containing not less than 1,000 BTU per cubic foot.
City Gate: The point at which Company facilities interconnect with the interstate pipeline(s).
Collection Fee: Shall mean the amount charged to a Customer if the Company sends an agent to the Customer's premises to disconnect service due to non-payment and the overdue amount is paid pursuant to Section 10 of Chapter 810 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.
Commission: Shall mean the Maine Public Utilities Commission or the MPUC.
Company: Shall mean Bangor Gas Company, LLC or Utility.
Cost-of-Service Regulation: Regulation of public utilities that uses the utility s costs as the bases in determining utility rates and charges.
Cubic Foot (CF): Shall be that amount of gas which occupies one cubic foot at an absolute pressure of 14.73 pounds per square and a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Customer: Any person(s), partnership, corporation or other entity (a) who is currently purchasing as customer of record, or (b) whose application for service has been accepted, or (c) is receiving the benefit of the use when no other party has made application to be a Customer. The term Customer may also include Agents, Brokers, and Marketers of natural gas services.
Day: Shall mean a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours beginning and ending at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.
Dekatherm (Dth): Shall be the quantity of heat energy equal to one million (1,000,000) BTUs.
Delivery Point: Shall mean a physical interconnection between the Company and the Customer, as specified in the Customer s executed service agreement, at which the Company may deliver gas to the Customer or for the Customer s account.
Deposit: Payment held as security for future payment or performance and that is reimbursable after the Customer establishes that the circumstances that originally justified the request for payment no longer exist.
Disputes: A grievance of a Customer or applicant about the Company s application of any provision of Chapter 810 of the MPUC Rules and Regulations.
Firm Service: Service that cannot be curtailed except in the case of necessary alterations or repairs, and in the case of emergency.
Gross Domestic Product-Price Index (GDP-PI): A measure of inflation based on the change in value of all consumer goods produced in a given period (usually one year).
Interruptible Service: Gas service that can be curtailed at the sole discretion or the Companyupon proper notification as established by tariff or contract.
Late Payment: Is any payment made after the date payment was due.
Main Line: The pipe(s) used by the Company for the distribution of gas other than the service line.
Mcf: Shall mean one thousand (1000) cubic feet.
Meter or Meter Assembly: Any of Bangor Gas meters, regulators, piping, valves, vents, relief valves, gauges and/or other apparatus, including remote meter reading devices required to measure and control flow or pressure of natural gas.
Month: Shall mean a period beginning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on the first day of the calendarmonth and ending at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on the first day of the following month.
MPUC Rules and Regulations: Shall mean the Maine Public Utilities Commission Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is available at any business office of the Company.
Multi-Unit Residential Dwelling: An apartment or condominium building, duplex, court group, housing project, trailer park, mobile home park or any group of single family dwellings on a single premises.
Non-Residential Service: Gas service supplied directly by the Company, that does not qualify for the service under the Residential Rate Schedule.
Payment: Is considered to be made on the date when it is received by the Company or one of its authorized collection agents.
Premises: A piece of land or real estate, including buildings and other appurtenances thereon where a Customer receives Service.
Public Right-of-Way: The territorial limits of any street, avenue, road or way (other than a limited access thoroughfare) that is for any highway purpose under the jurisdiction of the State of Maine or the legislative body of any county, city, town, village, or other municipal authority and is open to the public use.
Rate Schedule(s): Bangor Gas approved tariffs on file with the Commission describing rates and charges for Service.
Residential Customer: Shall mean a Customer in a house, apartment, mobile home or singlemeter, multi-unit structure that is provided with gas service for personal, family, or household use or a Customer whose gas is utilized exclusively in connection with religious purposes by any corporation or association organized and conducted in good faith for religious purposes.
Return on Equity: The return to investors on the capital invested, expressed as a percentage.
Service: The delivery and all other activities incidental to the delivery of natural gas by Bangor Gas to the Customer.
Service Line: All piping, including associated metering and pressure reducing appurtenances that transports gas below grade from gas main to the outlet flange of the meter assembly located adjacent to the wall of a Customer's building.
Single-Family Dwelling Unit: A house, apartment, flat, condominium, townhouse, house trailer, mobile home, room or suite of rooms, or any residential unit which contains cooking facilities and is intended or designed for occupation by a person or family as a residence for living, eating and sleeping.
Standby: Service for emergency or backup purposes only, to equipment installed and used for an alternative energy source. Such service shall be negotiated by the Customer and Company.
Summer Period: Defined as the billing period from May 1 through October 31.
Tampered Equipment: Is any service related equipment that has been subjected either to unauthorized interference so as to reduce the accuracy or eliminate the measurement of gas service, or to unauthorized connection occurring after the Company has physically disconnected service.
Tariff Schedules: The entire body of effective rates, charges, and rules collectively of the utility, as set forth herein, and including title page, preliminary statements, rate schedules, rules and sample forms.
Tariff Sheet: An individual page of the tariff schedule.
Temporary Service: Service supplied for a limited period at a location where the facilities devoted especially to the service are not expected to have further usefulness at that location after the service in question has been discontinued, and includes any service where the useful life of the installation is substantially less than that which would normally be expected of such facilities. Service shall also be considered temporary for any applicant or Customer who intends to take service from the Company for any period of less than thirty-six (36) months at the time of application.
Therm: Shall mean the quantity of heat energy equal to one hundred thousand (100,000) BTUs.
Therm Factor: Shall be a factor obtained by the division of the total quantity of Dekatherms (Dth) purchased by the Company over a period of time by the total quantity of Mcfs purchased over that same period of time, to four decimal places.
Unauthorized Use: The unreasonable interference or diversion of utility services including tampering with meters, unmetered service that flows through a device connected between service line and customer-owned facilities, or restoring service without authorization.
Upstream Pipeline: Shall mean an interstate pipeline, intrastate pipeline or local producer or distribution company to which the Company is physically connected and from which the Company may take deliveries of gas.
Utility: Shall mean Bangor Gas Company, LLC or the Company.
Utility System: The pipeline transmission and distribution system and related facilities located in Maine and operated by the Company.
Winter Period: Defined as the period from November 1 through April 30.