Upcoming Service


City Street Range/Area     Approved for Construction smiley-smile
Bangor Essex St York to State     Working
  Bolling Drive Entire     Working
  Lincoln St Main St to Third St     Working
  Union St 299 to 13th St     Working
  Leighton St Entire     Working
  Fountain St Entire     Working
  Center St  Poplar to Congress     Working
  Garland St Summit to End     Working
  Pier St 7th to 5th     Working
Brewer Park Ave West     Working
  Starlight Dr       Working
  Sunset Strip       Working
  Birchwood Blvd       Working
  Edgewood Dr       Working
  Lorraine Ave       Working
  Aspen Way       Working
  Country Way       Working
  Parkway South Edgewood to Interstate     Working
  Liberty Industrial Park       Working
Bucksport Franklin St Elm to Pine     Working
  Main St Elm to Mill     Working
  Federal St       Working
  School St       Working
  Buck St       Working
  Pine St Pond to Franklin     Working
  Pond St       Working
  Hinks St       Working
Hermon Freedom Industrial Park       Working
  Liberty Industrial Park       Working
  Pinewood Industrial Park       Working
Lincoln Phase 1 RT 116 W. Broadway to Katahdin     Working
Orono Riverdale St Entire     Working
  Mountainview/Erin/Frost/Edgewood Entire     Working
Veazie Chase Rd Entire     Working

Bangor Gas is now taking new gas service applications for the 2014 construction schedule