Bangor Maple StMt Hope to StillwaterTaking Applications
BangorBirch StMt Hope to HowardTaking Applications
BangorFern StMt Hope to StillwaterTaking Applications
BangorPearl StJuniper to BirchTaking Applications
BangorForest AveMount Hope to StillwaterTaking Applications
BangorJuniper StEntireTaking Applications
BangorDartmouth StEntireTaking Applications
BangorBates StEntireTaking Applications
BangorHarvard StEntireTaking Applications
BangorYale StEntireTaking Applications
BangorSaratoga AveEntireTaking Applications
BangorBrentwood AveEntireTaking Applications
BangorGlencoe AveEntireTaking Applications
BangorHempstead AveEntireTaking Applications
BangorGrant StEntireTaking Applications
BangorFountain StEntireTaking Applications
BangorBlackstone StNorfolk to FountainTaking Applications
BangorJefferson StNorfolk to KenduskeagTaking Applications
BangorMontgomeryEntireTaking Applications
BangorPoplar StEntireTaking Applications
BangorClyde StEntireTaking Applications
BangorNorfolk StMadison to McKinleyTaking Applications
BangorNorfolk StCongress to LindenTaking Applications
BangorCongress StCenter to NorfolkTaking Applications
BangorNowell RdEntireTaking Applications
BangorPleasant View StEntireTaking Applications
BangorEarle AveEntireTaking Applications
BangorPrinceton StEntireTaking Applications
BangorLemist STEntireTaking Applications
BangorKenduskeag AveMadison to LindenTaking Applications
BangorS Park StCenter to MarketTaking Applications
BangorMarket StDivision to CumberlandTaking Applications

Bangor Gas is now taking new gas service applications for the 2018 construction schedule

About Natural Gas

Bangor Natural Gas is changing the way Maine homes are powered. Learn why 1,000+ people per year are switching to Bangor Natural Gas.

Save With Natural Gas

Not only is natural gas cheaper than propane or oil alternatives, efficient, clean-burning natural gas means you’ll save money on maintenance, too.

Safe For The Environment

Natural gas is an extremely important source of energy for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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