Thank you for your interest in low cost, reliable and efficient natural gas service from Bangor Natural Gas Company. If your address is highlighted in blue, gas service is on your street and available to you today. Bangor Gas will install a free service from the street to your house if you convert your heating system to natural gas. If your address is not highlighted in blue we do not have our facilities on your street at this time. To apply for service or to inquire about when our service will be available on your street please contact us or call 207-922-6211.

About Natural Gas

Bangor natural gas is changing the way Maine homes are heated. Learn why thousands of people per year are switching to natural gas.

Save With Natural Gas

Not only is natural gas cheaper than propane or oil alternatives, efficient, clean-burning natural gas means you’ll save money on maintenance, too.

Safe For The Environment

Natural gas is an extremely important source of energy for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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